A downloadable Simple 2D Platformer for Windows

This is a short and simple 2D platformer that I created by following a tutorial on youtube. I am currently learning the in's and out's of making a game. That is why I decided to follow a tutorial series. I made 3 levels for this game. Please give me your opinion and some constructive criticism on the game. Thank you. (I am 16 years old if anyone was wondering).

Install instructions

Download the game by clicking the link and extract the game from the zip file or just open it using winrar. From then on, the game should work fine.


Simple Platformer 2D.rar 23 MB


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Hi ... Nice work .. It's good to see young game dev's .. Myself I'm 15 and I have created a 2D Platformer through my research etc.. The Link https://youtu.be/Ch6wfaGcQ_8 . It took me time but yeah .. Tell me how u find it